Homeowner Spotlight: Sharon Todd

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Four years ago, Sharon Todd decided to move to the Treasure Coast area; she wanted to be closer to her (then) 4 year old grandson.

Sharon also wanted a safe place for her grandson to be able to visit her, somewhere that he would be safe and could play outside. In her previous neighborhood, Sharon felt afraid to let her young grandson play outside or at times, to even visit her home.

At first, Sharon did not think she would qualify for a Habitat home. However, she was eager to build and make some important changes in her life so she decided to go ahead and apply. To her surprise, she was approved!

Greatly motivated, Sharon decided to fulfill the Homeownership program requirements as quickly as possible. She aggressively saved the money needed for her closing and also completed her sweat equity hours within a very short time. Her effort paid off; Sharon closed on her home in May, six months following the approval of her application for her new Habitat home.

When selecting her lot, Sharon put emphasis on her desire to live away from the city. “I want to be near cows and horses; away from everything,” she said. With laughter she adds, “a place where there are no corner stores.”

As Sharon thinks about her Habitat journey, she notes, “God chose this spot for me. I didn’t choose it; He chose it and it’s perfect.”

Sharon enjoys living in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood where her now two grandsons can visit and play in safety. She is excited that her new home is something she will own and can one day pass on to her grandsons.

Sharon’s new home at the Grace Meadows Community in Fellsmere is Indian River Habitat for Humanity’s 356th build.