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Success Stories

Inspiring homeowner, donor, and volunteer success stories

Sarah Robatcek
December 29, 2023

Sarah Robatcek’s Story

Since entering Habitat’s homeownership program, Sarah Robatcek has been eager to build more than just a house. The personal growth, independence, and confidence she’s established in the last year alone speaks to her determination to build a more secure life.

Sarah left Nevada and returned to her hometown in Florida, hoping to escape an abusive relationship and start anew. That drive to succeed is fueled even further by her desire to provide a more stable environment for her daughters, Chanel (9), Sariah (7), and Ciara (6).

“I never saw myself being independent. So, this house? It’s not just a house,” Sarah said.

Building neighborhood relationships is an unexpected byproduct of the Indian River Habitat homebuyer program. Sarah recalls seeing a fellow homebuyer and saying, “Hey! I’ve caulked your house!” While our family partners work on the houses of others, a bond forms that continues to grow and creates a neighborhood where residents truly care about one another.

Before taking control of her life, Sarah was not allowed to have her own money or determine how to spend it. Today, she has grown a healthy savings account, completed well over 60% of her ‘sweat equity’ hours, and is doing everything to set the best example for her children. With the help of other Habitat homebuyers, volunteers, and generous donors, Sarah is not alone on her journey.

“I had nothing before. Now, I’m building everything for me and my daughters. I am so grateful for the opportunity to own a home and for the confidence this entire process has instilled in me.”