4th of July Holiday Hours

ReStore will be closed on Monday, July 10th. Visit the ReStore page for more information.

Deconstruction Program

What is IRHFH’s Deconstruction Program?

Unlike demolition, where materials clog the landfill, deconstruction is a positively green process that includes the removal of building materials for the purpose of re-use. Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or bath, or demolishing a home or office, Indian River Habitat’s DeConstruction team can save you time and money by handling both the deconstruction and removal of building materials and accessories.

How does Deconstruction help the community?

Our DeConstruction Program is FREE and can be used as a tax deduction. Call us, and we’ll send you a team! 

Partners in Deconstruction

Over the years, a number of local builders have significantly contributed to the fundraising efforts of the ReStore by allowing us to be involved in various salvage operations connected with their building and remodeling projects. These firms include, but are not limited to:  

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