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Success Stories

Inspiring homeowner, donor, and volunteer success stories

Shaniqua Saez
December 21, 2023

Shaniqua Saez’s Story

Habitat family partner, Shaniqua, is no stranger to a difficult journey. Whether it’s navigating devasting loss or working to build stability through home, she is up for the challenge.

Shaniqua and her 2 children currently live in an apartment that far surpasses 30% of her income.

Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and freelance hair stylist, while simultaneously coping with the loss of two children may seem insurmountable for some. However, Shaniqua is more motivated than ever to provide stability for her family.

“My life has been trying, but I’m still here,” Shaniqua begins. “I can get through anything.”

Since age 18, Shaniqua has moved from rental to rental. Fourteen years later, and with assistance from Habitat, Shaniqua is ready to become a homeowner.

“I’ve been renting essentially my whole life. It’s finally time I own something,” she said.

Shaniqua’s two eldest children may not physically move in with them, but their memory and spirit continue to direct her path, especially through the homebuying process.

We are so excited to witness one of Shaniqua’s final stops on her journey.