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Armando and Maria Magallon
February 4, 2023

Armando and Maria Magallon’s Story

Armando Magallon has always longed for solid ground.

In Armando’s formative years, his family chose to leave their native country and begin a new life in America. During this period, a young person relies on their environment to discover their passions and interests, hoping to find themselves along the way. Armando realized early on that he sought safety in schooling, especially with his natural knack for learning. Sadly, to help his family make ends meet, he had to trade in his textbooks for work boots, ultimately dropping out of high school. From adolescence to adulthood, Armando couldn’t quite seem to graduate from experiencing instability.

His current housing situation with his wife Maria, and two children, Mateo, and Dannia, didn’t help to ease this burden. The Magallon’s rent continues to spike monthly and their landlord doesn’t provide the family with much reassurance. In addition to out of reach housing costs, the Magallon children don’t have a safe place to play.

“I look forward to my kids excelling in school and college. I want to know that I helped them get there,” Armando begins. “This house is an investment in our future.”