Schedule of Homebuyer Classes

By Invitation Only

FALL 2017

4 Week Classes - 1 1/2 hours each. Classes begin at 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Please do not be late. Doors will be locked at 6 pm.
No children are allowed; parents must make prior arrangements.

Homebuyer Classes - 1 1/2 Hours Each


September 19 - Introduction to Habitat and Homeownership
September 21 - Legal Documents, Payday Loan, Tax Preparation


September 26 - SHIP/HOME Loan, Mortgage Restrictions & HOA Rules & Responsibilities
September 28 - Conflict Resolution, Maintaining Your Property Inside and Out and Pet Ownership


October 3 - Dave Ramsey Lesson 1 "Super Savings"
October 5 - Dave Ramsey Lesson 3 "Cash Flow Planning"


October 10 - Dave Ramsey Lesson 4 "Dumping Debt"
October 12 - Dave Ramsey Lesson 5 "Buyer Beware" and GRADUATION!

The CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, but the day and time remains the same.


Spring Classes

Summer Classes

Fall Classes

After completing the Homebuyer Educational Classes, you are required to meet with a financial counselor at least 3 times before you close on your home.

Financial Counselor One-on-One Meetings (3 meetings will be set by homebuyer and counselor)

  • Meet ‘n Greet to review budget forms and discuss concerns homebuyers may have about the budgeting process.
  • Meet to discuss the homebuyer’s first cash flow budget and prepare an action plan to complete the second and third monthly budgets.
  • Meet to review the homebuyer’s second and third monthly budgets to determine if they need additional counseling
  • Optional: Meet in two months to review monthly budget forms and discuss any new concerns the homebuyer may have about maintaining their budget to ensure they can make their mortgage payment on time every month.

The classes and meetings with financial counselors are required and must be completed before you can close on your home.