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One Year In: Habitat Homeowner Colleen Bethel

Have you ever wondered what happens following a Habitat Home Dedication? Once a Habitat homebuyer closes on their home, and crosses the threshold, no longer a homebuyer, but a new homeowner?

We spoke with Habitat homeowner, Colleen, who recently celebrated a major milestone – her one-year anniversary of homeownership!

Colleen and Addison
Indian River Habitat: Do you remember the first night you spent in your home?

Colleen: We were so excited! We left Elite Title and went straight to our new home. We actually slept on an air mattress that night, but did not mind it one bit. We just wanted to be there in our home.

H: What has surprised you most about homeownership?

C: Everything! As a single mother, it’s challenging to make sure everything is taken care of. Having the security of my own home helped me to balance home/work life, especially during the global pandemic.

H: Have you noticed any changes in yourself or your daughter, Addison, after moving in?

C: We are extremely grateful for our home. A year later, my daughter still tells me daily how much she loves our new home and how happy she is to be here.

H: What do you wish you knew prior to becoming a homeowner?

C: Lawn maintenance, I keep killing my grass. [Laughing]

H: What is it like being surrounded by neighbors who have also gone through Habitat’s homeownership program?

C: It’s wonderful to see all the new construction, knowing that another family is making their dream of homeownership come true, and knowing the stability they will have.

H: Any advice for renters wanting to become homeowners?

C: Take the leap of faith; you won’t regret it. What you might regret is having never tried.

From the moment a prospective homebuyer enters the program, to the day they sign the closing papers, Indian River Habitat is there at every turn (or fork in the road) on a homebuyer’s journey, helping each one build greater strength, stability and independence.

Join us, and follow along in helping to offer a ‘hand up’ to local families in their quest to also secure the “American Dream”. Visit our website, ircHabitat.org, or connect with us on social media, @ircHabitat.