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Meet Habitat Family Partner, Ashley!

Following in her sisters’ footsteps, it’s Ashley’s turn to take her journey home!

Ashley is a Vero Beach native and proud mother to two sons Ashton, 11, and Latrell, 7. The family of three currently live in a two-bedroom rental apartment in town. When Ashley moved in 5 years ago, the rent and square footage were ideal for her young family. However, with her sons getting older and the rent continually increasing, not only are the living spaces stretched thin, so too are Ashley’s finances.

Ausby Family Wall Raising
Because Ashely has two sisters who previously worked to build their own home through Habitat’s Homeownership program, Ashely is on her way to do the same, under their guidance and with the support from Indian River Habitat staff, volunteers, and supporters.

“I’m excited to continue raising my boys into good men in my Habitat home – the home that I continue to fight for,” Ashley said.

Ashley celebrated her Wall Raising ceremony this past Saturday. This important milestone is a testament to Ashley’s determination and strength within the program. She has completed over 60 percent of her ‘sweat equity’ hours and other program requirements, like establishing and building a savings account.

You did it Ashley, hard work will always pay off!