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Latasha Hall’s Family Story

Ever since the sixth grade when Latasha realized she had a passion for helping others, she has devoted much of her life to strengthening this calling.

Latasha Hall is a Florida native, and a proud mother of three. Five years ago, she relocated to Vero Beach from Port St. Lucie. Currently, Latasha and her children share a three bedroom/two-bathroom apartment that has caused her much anxiety. Mold has begun appearing on clothing and on walls in the bathroom. On top of the mold, the family is unable to open the windows in their home, despite failed maintenance requests, and the rent is rapidly increasing.

Latasha works as an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) teaching assistant and is on track to completing her teaching certification in the future. If her accelerated journey in becoming a first-time homeowner is any indication, Latasha will reach this next goal with the same level of determination and fortitude.

“Becoming a homeowner was never something I thought I could do on my own – ever,” Latasha says.

Not only are you doing it on your own, but you are also building a stronger future for you and your family with your own two hands!