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Habitat Triple Threat

January 30, was a busy Saturday at Indian River Habitat! We celebrated three build site ceremonies — a Passing of the Hammer, Wall Raising, and a Home Dedication!

Read on to learn more about each event!

Passing of the Hammer
LaCrystal Yorker

Due to a medical emergency, the Yorker family was unable to participate in a traditional ‘Wall Raising” which is scheduled when a homebuyer reaches 60% of their ‘sweat equity’ hours. Instead of a Wall Raising, sponsors, staff, and family stood together in a socially distanced circle, passing the ceremonial hammer from one person to the next until it finally reached LaCrystal and her 11-year-old daughter. Through this ceremony, Habitat celebrates all those whose contributions and service help to build Habitat homes. #TogetherWeBuild.

Wall Raising
Peacola Flemming

Together with her family, Peacola raised the front wall of what will one day become their own Habitat home. The Wall Raising ceremony is a special milestone that occurs when an individual completes enough ‘sweat equity’ hours and establishes a savings. The next step is the Home Dedication!

Peacola’s home is Indian River Habitat’s 409th home build and was sponsored by the Moorings!

Home Dedication
Mirtha Depompo

Surrounded by community support, the Depompo family received the keys to unlock the front door of their home, and with those same keys, unlock the door to endless opportunities and possibilities that come with owning a home.

Mirtha moved from the Dominican Republic to the United States and since, her dream was to provide her family with a place to call their own, a home that will provide the safety and security that they deserved! On February 19, 2021 Mirtha officially closed on her home and achieved her “American Dream!”