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From Improving to Removing, Karyn Bryant Tackles Both With New Job Role

When Karyn Bryant reflects on the integration of her current position with her newest role, she credits collaboration and communication as the keys to success in both functions.

As she now takes on the DeConstruction Coordinator role, Karyn has realized there is a common thread weaving her two functions together – serving the community while fostering and building relationships.

Karyn’s journey with Indian River Habitat began in June of 2017. As Neighborhood Revitalization Administrator, her main responsibilities include overseeing Indian River Habitat’s home preservation and repair program, conducting and coordinating home assessments, contracting local vendors to partner with Habitat, and supervising the execution and completion of those projects.

So, what exactly is DeConstruction?

When an owner decides to remodel their home or office, the Indian River Habitat DeConstruction team partners with businesses and/or homeowners, as well as contractors, to gently remove building materials and furniture for the purpose of resale at the ReStore (the store that builds 1-in-3 Habitat homes.) Karyn has a hand in facilitating the entire process: from scheduling, to assisting of donors with important paperwork, and collaborating with the ReStore.

This new role has opened up opportunities for Karyn, allowing her to touch the lives of even more people. “I see God’s hand in it all,” she says.

To learn more about Indian River Habitat’s Home Preservation and Repair Program, or DeConstruction visit irchabitat.org, or contact Karyn Bryant at 772-562-9860, extension 211.