It takes a whole community to transform neighborhoods and change lives. Together, we can make a transformational difference in Indian River County through your investment in Indian River Habitat for Humanity (IRHFH). To make a cash donation now using your credit card, please click on the "Donate Online" button at the top of this page. To mail a gift to Habitat, please click on the "Print and Mail Form" button at the top.

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Speaker 1:
Indian River habitat for me is really it's a place where you can see the impact that you're having in the community in which you live. We get to know these families, we get to know their children because we're interacting with them on a weekly basis. And when you get to know the families, and you understand where your money is going, in the end, what we at Indian River Habitat for Humanity are actually accomplishing is breaking the cycle of generational poverty in many of our families.

Speaker 2:
Habitat for Humanity is one of the only agencies in Indian River County that actually will help people who want to help themselves. It's not a handout, my whole life. Everything I've done in my life has been for my children and to have a place that they can come home to a place that they know is their space. And it means so much and how amazing and gracious and kind everybody has been. And I just want to thank them.

Speaker 3
I really believe that a home is the most important thing that you can give to a family, these a lot of these people have lived in squalor and then all of a sudden they have the basis to make a life for themselves and at the end to see that wonderful day I don't know what other charity do you get to see that you know that you're actually saving a you you are saving a human being, it's just rewarding beyond anything I can imagine. You know,

Speaker 4
I look back at my life now and at my life then and I don't even know how I was surviving habitat may explain to you that you're giving people decent affordable housing, but we're, this is like our dream home. You know, and to anybody that is thinking about donating or sponsoring a family or volunteering and helping build these houses. It really makes people's dreams come true.

Speaker 5
When you invest in a family, a family that is not looking for a handout, but a family that is saying I want to accomplish something for my children. We're literally changing their lives. We're giving security we're giving stability we're giving safety when a family has that kind of foundation. We're creating something that ultimately is going to benefit all of us as a community.

Speaker 1
The homebuyers, they're so thrilled that we actually are willing to partner with them and just so proud of their home and their home ownership to have achieved a dream, a dream of owning their own home that in many cases generationally is never occurred in their families.

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