Indigenous Peoples’ Day Holiday Hours

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Shawna Carroll’s Story

“No matter how much you go through in life, just continue to push through. Don’t let anyone tear you down. Just pray.”

Tiffany Thompson’s Story

Desperate to flee a domestic situation, Tiffany Thompson and her two daughters relocated to Hope for Families. During that time, Tiffany leaned on her community greatly for support.

Armando and Maria Magallon’s Story

Armando Magallon has always longed for solid ground. In Armando’s formative years, his family chose to leave their native country and begin a new life in America.

Sheryl Hathaway Family Story

“If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?” This was the question Sheryl asked herself before embarking upon one of her biggest adventures yet. A Michigan native, Sheryl came to Florida to visit family. However, when the vacation inevitably ended and she returned home, her heart never left. In fact, just […]

Meet Linda, Home Repair Recipient

“Even though I kept worrying that it was too good to be true, and that something might get in the way, when the roofers showed up, that’s when I finally had peace!”  Linda, a Vero Beach homeowner, prayed and prayed for a miracle when she found out her homeowner’s insurance was in jeopardy due to […]

Racquel Shelton’s Family Story

Newsroom Stay up-to-date Each one of us has someone in our lives who inspires and motivates us to achieve our goals. For Racquel, her three children are her main motivation, but she credits her late grandmother for inspiring her to become a homeowner. Before Racquel’s grandmother lost her battle to cancer in July, she was […]

Latasha Hall’s Family Story

Newsroom Stay up-to-date Ever since the sixth grade when Latasha realized she had a passion for helping others, she has devoted much of her life to strengthening this calling. Latasha Hall is a Florida native, and a proud mother of three. Five years ago, she relocated to Vero Beach from Port St. Lucie. Currently, Latasha […]

Meet Habitat Family Partner, Ashley!

Newsroom Stay up-to-date Following in her sisters’ footsteps, it’s Ashley’s turn to take her journey home! Ashley is a Vero Beach native and proud mother to two sons Ashton, 11, and Latrell, 7. The family of three currently live in a two-bedroom rental apartment in town. When Ashley moved in 5 years ago, the rent […]

One Year In: Habitat Homeowner Colleen Bethel

Have you ever wondered what happens following a Habitat Home Dedication? Once a Habitat homebuyer closes on their home, and crosses the threshold, no longer a homebuyer, but a new homeowner? We spoke with Habitat homeowner, Colleen, who recently celebrated a major milestone – her one-year anniversary of homeownership! Colleen and Addison Indian River Habitat: […]

Meet Mae Simmons, Women Build Partner

When faced with a seemingly difficult task, Mae Simmons not only rises to the occasion; but also remains steadfast and determined until the task is successfully completed. Mae currently lives in Fort Pierce but works in Vero Beach. Upon learning about Indian River Habitat from a friend, Mae decided to pursue homeownership in order to […]