Volunteer Spotlight - Meet Larry Jones

Monday, January 9, 2023

“One of the most basic human rights is housing – the right not only to have a place to live, but to have it be your own.”

Since 1984, President Jimmy Carter has been a faithful friend and advocate of Habitat’s mission, serving as inspiration for those who feel compelled to volunteer in the better portion of their lives.

If you ask Larry Jones, Carter’s 38-year legacy profoundly impacted him, ultimately leading to his picking up a hammer toward homeownership.

Larry Jones

Larry began his journey with Indian River Habitat in 2016, however, prior to his volunteering with us, led a civically active life. In fact, before retiring from the business sector in 2013, Larry boasted a 22-year career in Social Services.

Soon after departing his role as a Fraud Investigator in New Jersey, Larry and his wife packed up their belongs and relocated to Delaware –building both a new life and home to retire. As fate would have it, Larry noticed a ReStore truck driving throughout his neighborhood, signaling his aforementioned desire to get involved. Just two days later, Larry connected with the Central Delaware affiliate and got to work.

Habitat and Larry’s lifelong career were the perfect marriage of his favorite pastime. Whether serving as a guidepost for former clients or painting a Habitat home, Larry runs toward experiences where he utilizes his own two hands to make a difference.

Larry’s longing to “get his hands dirty” was cultivated at a young age. At just 12 years old, Larry helped his father build his family home. A few years later, when a neighborhood family lost their home to devastation, Larry once again sprang into action.

From school age to present day, Larry still has that same drive and desire to help families achieve housing stability.

“We’re filling a need for the community that has often been overlooked,” Larry said.

Since Indian River Habitat opened its doors in 1991, over 500 families have been served through new home construction and critical home repairs. Together, with volunteers like Larry, we are able to amplify our production because of their dedication to our mission and their commitment to helping us help working families.

“I love it. I truly get up for it each day,” Larry concluded.

6 years and 2000 volunteer hours later, Larry continues to show up each Wednesday and Friday to give a hand to those who need it most. President Carter is an inspiration to us all, but the determination displayed by Larry encourages us just the same.