Selph Family Story

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Being a homeowner is a goal sought after by many. For Vero Beach native Christina Selph, it’s one of the many goals she has her sights set on, and will serve as the launching pad to achieving them all.

While searching to find affordable rentals, Christina stumbled upon the Indian River Habitat website. She familiarized herself with Habitat’s mission of helping working families achieve the safety and stability that comes with affordable homeownership. Christina filled out the questionnaire, attended an orientation session, and completed an application to buy a Habitat home.

Christina Selph Family

Finding Habitat came to her at the perfect time. Christina currently lives with her two children, Brody 11, and Isabella 4, in her parents’ home – sharing one of the three bedrooms. With Christina and her kids, and her parents and brother, overcrowding quickly became an issue for the family of six. Before moving back home, Christina had to rely on sharing apartments with roommates to help cover costs.

The Selph family will soon have the space necessary to accomplish any goal they set once their home is completed. Christina currently works at Barth Construction and plans to go back to school to study cosmetology, hoping to utilize assistance from Indian River Habitat’s Scholarship Program.

From the built in community of homebuyers, unlocked homeownership opportunities, and the opportunity to see her children grow up in a family-owned home, “Habitat has completely changed my life,” Christina says.

Welcome to the Wall Raising of the Selph home!