Mother and Daughter Strong

Thursday, April 2, 2020

When Lacey moved from Connecticut to Florida in 2003, she had it all- a modest home, two incomes and a strong supportive family.

After losing her husband and grandfather within the same year and making a difficult, drastic career change, Lacey downsized from the only home her daughter had known, and was forced to move into a substandard apartment.


“Mom, we’ve got to finish these sweat equity hours so we can move out of this apartment,” Keri, 16, tells Lacey about wanting to build their Habitat home.

Lacey’s current apartment has water damage, causing the roof to sink in, missing baseboards, and ominous fluids leaking from smoke detectors. Unfortunately, after many requests to management, their maintenance requests were denied.

Habitat, and communities like The Moorings, recognize the need for safe and secure housing that provides families a foundation for success. Together we are adamant in partnering with families to achieve it.

Building a foundation with their own two hands has instilled a sense of pride that Lacey will share with Keri. They did this together, and for each other.

“One day,” Lacey tells Keri, “you can tell your grandchildren that you helped build this house.”