Meet Mae Simmons, Women Build Partner

Thursday, March 11, 2021

When faced with a seemingly difficult task, Mae Simmons not only rises to the occasion; but also remains steadfast and determined until the task is successfully completed.

Mae Simmons

Mae currently lives in Fort Pierce but works in Vero Beach. Upon learning about Indian River Habitat from a friend, Mae decided to pursue homeownership in order to adequately provide for her grandchildren after the recent passing of her daughter.

Because of this sudden and unexpected life change, Mae is now raising her two grandchildren, Christopher (17), and Caleaha (5). Their new home will provide the additional living space needed. Her grandson, Christopher, looks forward to the outdoor space where he can play basketball and her granddaughter is already planning treats to bake and decorate in their new kitchen.

Mae is hopeful that the home she is providing for her grandchildren will be a testament to the effort that hard work yields, and more importantly, become a safe haven for her grandchildren to return to for the rest of their lives.