House Build: #400

Monday, February 3, 2020

When one thinks of the “American Dream,” often, one might picture a nice house and white picket fence. For Jasmine Cobb, her ultimate dream is one day having a family of her own. Getting there begins with homeownership.

family story- Cobb

Increasingly, and not just in Indian River County, the rising costs of housing have made access to affordable housing out of reach for many- including Habitat homebuyer, Jasmine, who works as a personal bank teller.

To make ends meet, Jasmine shares housing costs with family. While she is thankful for the support of her family, Jasmine is eager to become independent.

Indian River Habitat, in partnership with the Grand Harbor community, is excited to come alongside Jasmine on her journey to affordable homeownership.

Seeing the hardworking and ambitious woman she is, you may wonder what’s next for Jasmine. After she moves into her Habitat home, Jasmine’s next goal is to become a Branch Manager so she can inspire and motivate others!