Casanova Family Story

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Mother, daughter duo Amelia and Nieves, moved from Cuba to Vero Beach 4 years ago to enjoy a life of political and religious freedom.


The Casanovas currently live in an Oslo area apartment that’s infected with mold. Living on
the second floor has begun taking a toll on Amelia’s mobility who has cancer and relies on an oxygen tank. Management ignores the Casanova’s pleas for help
and with rent steadily increasing; Nieves needed a solution.

Becoming a Habitat homeowner will help Nieves provide a better life for her sick mother and daughter, Dailena who is looking forward to having her own room. Dailena is a junior at Vero Beach High School
and enjoys gymnastics and cheerleading.

The Casanovas found out about Habitat from a friend who encouraged them to look into purchasing a home with Indian River Habitat.

Nieves currently works as a cleaner and home health aide, but is working towards becoming a nurse again, as she was in Cuba.

The Casanova’s new home in the Oslo neighborhood of Vero Beach is Indian River Habitat’s 395th home build.