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Sarah Robatcek’s Story

“No matter how much you go through in life, just continue to push through. Don’t let anyone tear you down. Just pray.”

Rose Galloway’s Story

Desperate to flee a domestic situation, Tiffany Thompson and her two daughters relocated to Hope for Families. During that time, Tiffany leaned on her community greatly for support.

Shaniqua Saez’s Story

Armando Magallon has always longed for solid ground. In Armando’s formative years, his family chose to leave their native country and begin a new life in America.

Mike and Mary Schwartz

Among Connie Poppell’s role while Vice President at Sun Bank, was leading the Bank’s philanthropic connections on the Treasure Coast. Among the relationships she formed during …

Indian River Habitat’s Care-A-Vanners

If you have ever visited the Indian River Habitat campus, you might have noticed a concrete lot beyond the warehouses, lined with RVs and campers. The people living in those RVs are Habitat Care-A-Vanners, a group of dedicated individuals who want to stay active post-retirement. Indian River Habitat takes pride in hosting over 50 Care-A-Vanners […]