Fiscal Year 2017 Members

Builder's Guild Members

Fiscal Year 2017
July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Opening doors of hope, these individuals made significant contributions during 2017.

In compiling this listing, every effort was taken to ensure its accuracy and we apologize for any errors or omissions.
If your name is listed incorrectly, please contact us at 772.562.9860 ext. 209 so that we may correct your record.

Dream Builders ($25,000+)
Estate of Ronnie Lee Vansweringen
Shirley Becker

Community Builders ($10,000 - $24,999)
Mary Ann and R. Becker
Bucks Creek Foundation
Henry and Sylvia Cravens
Bernard A. Egan Foundation, Inc.
James and Sharon Kendall
John and Polly LaDuc
C. Graydon Rogers
Estate of Arline J. Rydout
Robert Samuels
Christine and David Smith
Judith Tolsdorf
The Welsh Family Foundation

Neighborhood Builders ($5,000 - $9,999)
Charles and Mary Babcock
Christopher and Susan Barrow
Francois and Sheila Brutsch
Anthony and Joyce Caldarone
Julie Cawley
Alice and Rene Donars
The Galloo Foundation Trust
Cecily and William Glavin
Higgs Family Foundation
John and Patsy Howard
Jennifer Hulseman
The Hultquist Foundation
Kelsey Family Foundation
The Ethel Kennedy Foundation
Andrew and Sheila Kostanecki
John and Nancy Larsen
Peter and Phyllis Meyer
Suzanne P. Murphy
The John and Judi O'Steen Family Foundation
The Rogers Family Foundation
Mary and Michael Schwartz
Ann and Kent Seeley
David and Heidi Sommers
Camp Younts Foundation - The Harry W. Walker Family
Kathleen Patton Westby Foundation
Archie S. Wingfield, Jr. Charitable Trust

Home Builders ($1,000 - $4,999)
David and Jacqueline Adams
Albert and Constance Angelus
Denny and Toby Arnheim
Michael and Wendy Baker
Michael and Patricia Barton
Magdalyn and Scott Bayman
Donna and Randy Becker
Joan and Leroy Bence
Cynthia and Robert Bennink
Richard and Susan Bergeman
Jim Berger
The Berghorst Foundation, Inc.
Robin and Stephen Bessin
Bewkes Family Foundation
Deborah and Martin Bierworth
Jeb and Lynda Bittner
Dwight and Susan Blake
Odessa and William Bourne
Andrew R. and Sandra Bowler
Emilie and John Brady
Galen and Hathaway Brewster
Joseph C. and Nancy Briggs
James D. and Patricia O. Brinkerhoff
Lynette and Richard Brockway
Laura and William Buck
Joan Burnham
Fritzi and Kemp Byrnes
Carole and Robert Cashill
Joan and Joseph Catapano
Allen and Jane Church
Dominick & Rose Ciampa Foundation, Inc.
Jonathan and Priscilla Clark
Deborah and Robert Clarke
The Clifford Family Foundation
Robert and Rosalen Cline
Suzanne Conway
Janet and Thomas Cook
Marcia Cook
Jean and Philip Corso
Jere and Sydney Cox
Barbara and David Crosby
Andrew and Nancy Cruce
The Curley Foundation
David and Nancy Danis
Alfred and Joan DeCrane
Olivia Delacruz Foundation
Christopher and Pamela Delaney
April and Joseph Denny
J. Hugh and Nancy Devlin
Maxine Dunlop
James and Jean Durbin
Douglas and Melanie Feek
Ellen and Mike Fifer
Martha and Peter Fite
Michelle and Thomas Flaherty
Charles Garris
Janice and Robert Garrison
Catherine and Jean-Jacques Gilet
David and Julie Goodrich
Electra Govoni
Thomas H. Hamilton Foundation, Inc.
Edward and Susan Hauser
Carol Hawk
Hawkins Family Foundation
Theresa and Todd Heckman
L. David Horner
Joseph Hoyt
Edd and Jean Hyde
Karen Johnson
Andrew and Wendy Jordan
Mary Ellen and Thomas Keating
Nina Keirsted
Senator Francis and Janet Kelly
Kelly Family Foundation
Robert P. Kelly Family Foundation
Nancy and Paul Knapp
Joan and William Koman
Rosemary Kotkowski
Lucy Kranker
Patsy and Roy Lambert
Douglas and Elizabeth Lange
Terry and Victoria Lansburgh
Thomas and Veronica Lewick
Dena and Samuel Lombardo
Adrienne and Louis Lower
Cheryle and Thomas Mackie
Elizabeth and James Maxwell
Jay and Joan McLaughlin
Matthew and Oliva McManus
Elizabeth R. Melnick
Jo Anne and Richard Meurer
George and Patricia Michals
The Minotty Family Foundation
Elizabeth and Howard Morgan
Charles and Susan Moritz
Caryn and John Morrow
Dawn and Wiliam Morton
Mark R. and Patricia A. Mulvoy Foundation
Gail and Samuel Murdough
James and Renate Murphy
Carol and Reginald Newman
Geraldine and Miles Nogelo
Donald and Monica Norman
Gary and Suzy Oakley
Martha and Raul Oliva
Ann and Gary Parker
Gail and Robert Parsons
Felicia and Richard Patton
Crispin and Virginia Paul
Carol and David Pearson
Plym Foundation, Inc.
L. Ralph and Sandra Poppell
Frances and Richard Powell
Carolyn and James Preston
Maryann Prezzano
Robin and Steven Raiff
David and Marsha Reardon
Antoinette Reich
Charles and Esther Reynolds
Ripp Family Foundation, Inc.
Roberts Family Foundation
Joel and Sheila Rockwell
Patricia and Thomas Rodilosso
Randolph and Sandra Rolf
Katie and Ralph Rosato
David and Robin Ryan Family Foundation
Richard and Pauline Sameth
Philip Savage
Suzie Schmidt
C. Patrick and Phyllis Schulke
Dale and Sara Seiberling
Christine and David Smith
Karen and Mark Smith
Ann and Edward Smith
Daniel and Karen Somes
Karen and Randall Sones
Margery and Peter Sparks
Shelley Stang
Peter and Sara Stoll
Bill and Carolyn Stutt
Julianne and Walter Sullivan
Nancy Taylor
Linda and Melvin Teetz
Jennifer Thibodeau
Truettner Family Foundation
Lee Venturini Del Greco
Ronald and Rose Virgin
Marci Von Kohorn
K. Grahame and Shirley Walker
John and Mary Jane Wardell
George and Janet Watson
Roma Reavis Wehde
Alex and Shirley Weissenborn
The Wetter Foundation
Deborah and Jon Whitaker
Clifford and Daisy Whitehill
Rogers Wilbur Foundation
Mary and William Wilkinson
Augusta and E. Crosby Willet
Richard and Virginia Winkler
Mark and Ruth Wolery
B. Robert and Constance Wood
Allen and Judy Zern

Foundation Builders ($500 - $999)
The Alden Family Foundation
Harry and Patricia Allex
Roger and Patricia Andrus
Linda and Ronald Aronberg
Leigh Barbour
Bruce and Janet Barkett
Cameron and Mary Beard
Marila Beatty
Martin Bireley
Sydelle and Lee Blatt
The Bowling Family Foundation
Carol and Frederick Braun
Linda and Martin Brophy
Deborah and William Bryant
Bryson Foundation
Dr. M. Arthur and Jean Budden
Margaret and Peter Carnwath
Joseph and Marcia Carter
Dr. John and Francoise Casale
Jean-Nicolas and Karyn Cater
Dyan Chester
Charles and Lynne Clippert
Coleman Family Fund at The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Henry and Marjorie Collins
Gordon and Janet Cook
Lorena and Norman Cook
Lesa Darnell
Joan and Robert Davidson
Francine Devitt
David DeWahl and Leah Scott
Joan Diamandis
Shirley and Terrance Donley
Stewart A. Dunn
Marcia and William DuRie
Mary Emmons
Deborah and Robert English
Annetta and Robert Ennis
Barbara and Robert Fazekas
Barrie and David Fitzsimons
Guy and Phyllis Fritts
James and Marjorie Fulmer
Cynthia and Mark Galant
Barbara and Donald Gervais
John and Roberta Goodall
Annetta and James Gregg
Bob Gruber
Joan and Philip Gulley
Lee Anne and Paul Gunderson
Bill and Malora Gundy
Peter and Sally Haeffner
Carol Hankins
Janet and Michael Harrell
Charles and Florence Hastings
Calvin and Sally Hills
Bobby Holleman
Edd and Jean Hyde
Perry and Walter Jeffords
Joseph and Sally Jenkins
Cheryl and Christopher Johns
Dale and Kay Keyser
James and Patricia Kielley
Albert and Skaye Kirk
Charlotte and John Klein
Sandy Koufax
Anna and Richard Lanam
Dr. Larry Landsman
Pamela Lane
Barbara and Terrance Leggett
Isabel Leib
Gaye and William Ludwig
Patricia Luviano
Alex and Stephanie MacWilliam
Melissa and Richard Marcus
Frederick and Margaret Marino
Alexander and Freddy McFerran
Barbara and Jospeh McGarry
G. Constance and Ronald McGlynn
Jan and Peter McLachlan
Marilyn McLaughlin
Kevin and Sherry McMahon
Darlene and Stephen Merselis
H. Theodore and Karen Meyer
James and Joanne Mitchell
Bruce and Laurelaine Morrison
Miriam and Robert Mugford
Andrea and Jospeh Mullaney
Angela and Gregory Nelson
David and Miriam Nocar
Carol and Stanley Nowak
Linda and Stephen O'Grady
Lynn and Stanley Orczyk
Norma and Richard Peters
Jeffrey and Karen Pfister
Cheryl and Thomas Porter
Carol and Theodore Price
Puff Family Fund
Lorna Raymond
Marguerite Repass
Patricia Reynolds
The Richard Foundation
Mary Rinehart
Russell Robertson
Dr. John and Maureen Rokita
Gavin and Marcia Ruotolo
George and Susan Ryan
Betsy and David Sams
Francisco and Mary San Miguel
John and Lisa Sarbak
William Schlitt
John and Marilyn Schlosser
David and Martha Schwartz
Frank and Mary Louise Shannon
Laura and William Shucart
Bethann and todd Silaika
Adrian and Kathryn Smith
Martha and P.M. Snyder
John and Terry Souza
Ted Spall
Diane and Michael Spence
Carol and Dennis Spurgeon
David and Peggy Stokes
Brendan and Lila Sullivan
Ann Tharpe
H. James and Sally Toffey
Dr. Richard and ElizabethTompkins
Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund
Hugo Uyterhoeven and Julie Zhu
Dr. Joseph and Ann Vargas
Bruce and Patricia Wardell
The Watkins Family Foundation
Maureen and Tom Watson
Jeanne Westwater
Margaret and Richard Whittaker
Jean and Thomas Yoder
Judy and Stanley Ziemski