Cornerstone Donors

Laying foundations for the future, these individuals have achieved a cumulative lifetime giving of at least $25,000.
In bold are those individuals whose giving is $100,000 or more.

Listing is current through June 30, 2017 and is updated annually.

Mrs. Calvin R. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Anderson

Mr. Calvin H. Babcock

In Memory of Mr. Charles I. Babcock, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot A. Baines

Barbara and David Baldwin

Mrs. Herman F. Becker

Mr. and Mrs. R. William Becker

Gene and Susan Billero

William and Marcia Blackburn

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Bowler

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Brehmer

Kristine Bridges

Brad and Buffy Briggs

Joe and Nancy Briggs

Francois and Sheila Brutsch

Bucks Creek Foundation

Vaughn and Nancy Bryson

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Burnham

Brad and Mary Burnham

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Caldarone

Camp Younts Foundation - The Harry W. Walker Family

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Cary

Julie and Charles Cawley

Alice and Jim Clark

Jean and Gene Cravens

Mary Ellen and Jack Curley

Mr. and Mrs. George Darooge

Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton

Fredy E. and Olivia Gardner Delacruz

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Denny

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bennett Donaldson, Jr.

Rene and Alice Donars

Richard and Kathleen Dunlop

Estate of Mary Lou Johnston

Estate of Arleen M. Krajicek

Estate of William H. McClure

Estate of Arline J. Rydout

Estate of Ronnie Lee Vansweringen

Bob and Wheatie Gibb

Bill and Cis Glavin

Mel and Nancy Goodes

The Rev. and Mrs. Brendan Griswold

Louis and Joanne Hagopian

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Hammonds

Margaret S. Hardy

Mr. and Mrs. Todd D. Heckman

Orel and Millie Hershiser

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Higgs

Carol and Frank Huber

Barbara Hurley - In Memory of
Richard and Lillian Becker

In Memory of William C. Hurtt, Jr.

Mallie and Glenn Ireland

Linda and Maurice Jennings

Senator and Mrs. Francis X. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kelsey

In Memory of Frances L. Kendall

Bill and France Kenyon

Richard and Virginia Linburg

Ethel Kennedy Marran

Bette and Jim Maxwell

Dave and Arleen McGlade

Marian L. Moore Living Trust

Charles and Susan Moritz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Morris

John and Judi O'Steen

John and Madeleine O'Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. J. Eric Plym

Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Phypers

Marsha and Barry Reardon

Herb and Marguerite Repass

Patricia Reynolds

Richardson Family Foundation -
Dan and Marge Richardson

Bob and Gerri Ripp

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. (Jack) Rogers

Mr. Gray Rogers

Elizabeth M. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Sameth

Audrey and Bob Samuels

John and Kathi Schumann

Mary and Mike Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Smith


Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Smith

Anita Stafford

Mr. and Mrs. J. Spencer Standish

Bill and Carolyn Stutt

Walter and Julianne Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. J. Atwood Taylor, III

Judith and Frank Tolsdorf

Jane and Jim Truettner

Patrick and Carol Welsh

Ms. Kathleen H. Westby

Camp Younts Foundation -
The Harry W. Walker Family

Ms. Kathleen H. Westby

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Winkler

Five Anonymous Donors