Cornerstone Donors

Individual whose lifetime giving exceeds $25,000. Listed in bold are those whose lifetime giving of at least $100,000.
All names included here are inscribed on the Cornerstone Donor Wall displayed in the lobby of Burnham Center.

Anonymous (5)
Anonymous (15)
Acts 20:35 Fund
Calvin R. and Millicent Allen
Jack R. and Rose-Marie Anderson
In Memory of Mr. Charles I. Babcock, Jr.
Calvin H. Babcock
Ben and Susan Bailey
Elliot A. and Janet Baines
David and Barbara Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. R. William Becker
Mrs. Herman F. Becker
Gene and Susan Billero
William and Marcia Blackburn
Andrew and Sandra Bowler
John R. and Susan Brehmer
Kristine Bridges
Brad and Buffy Briggs
Joe and Nancy Briggs
Francois and Sheila Brutsch
Vaughn and Nancy Bryson
Bucks Creek Foundation
Brad and Mary Burnham
Bradford and Joan Burnham
Anthony and Joyce Caldarone
Estate of Charles G. Cary - In Memory of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Gary

Charles and Julie Cawley
Jim and Alice Clark
Rev. Dr. Anna V. Copeland and
Dr. Ellis Copeland
Gene and Jean Cravens
Jack and Mary Ellen Curley
George and Joan Darooge
Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton
Fredy E. and Olivia Gardner Delacruz
Joseph P. and April H. Denny
J. Bennett and Tauna Donaldson, Jr.
Rene and Alice Donars
Bernard A. Egan Foundation, Inc.
Doug and Melanie Feek
Thomas and Michelle Flaherty
Bob and Wheatie Gibb

Bill and Cis Glavin
Mel and Nancy Goodes
Gillis and Lynn Green
The Rev. Brendan and Adelaide C. Griswold
Louis and Joanne Hagopian
Thomas H. Hamilton Foundation
Bruce L. and Sandra Hammonds
John and Margaret S. Hardy
Lee and Tarie Harris
Carol W. Hawk
Todd and Theresa Heckman
Orel and Mildred Hershiser
George and Marlene Higgs
John S. and Patsy G. Howard
Joseph and Betty Hoyt
Frank and Carol Huber
The Hultquist Foundation
Barbara Hurley - In Memory of Richard
and Lillian Becker
In Memory of William C. Hurtt, Jr.
Glenn and Mallie Ireland
Maurice and Linda Jennings
Estate of Mary Lou Johnston
Senator Francis X. and Janet D. Kelly
John L. and Anne Kelsey
Kendacar Foundation
In Memory of Frances L. Kendall
Bill and France Kenyon
Knight Vision Foundation
Estate of Arleen M. Krajicek
John T. and Polly La Duc
Estate of Susan Rice Lamont
John Larsen and Nancy Fette
Richard M. Linburg
Samuel N. and Dena Lombardo
Ethel Kennedy Marran
Jim and Bette Maxwell
Estate of William H. McClure
Dave and Arleen McGlade
Manley H. Mitton
Marian L. Moore Living Trust
Charles and Susan Moritz
Robert and Susan Morrison

Dr. Suzanne P. Murphy
Gary W. and Suzanne B. Oakley
John and Madeleine O’Sullivan
Kenneth E. Padgett
Gary and Ann Parker
David and Carol Pearson
Estate of Eleanor W. Pennington
Dean and Connie Phypers
J. Eric and Doris M. Plym
Barry and Marsha Reardon
Herb and Marguerite Repass
Richardson Foundation - Dan and Marge Richardson
Bob and Gerri Ripp
Gray and Mary Rogers
Jack and Sally Rogers
Elizabeth M. Ross
Estate of Arline J. Rydout
Dr. Richard and Pauline Sameth
Bob and Audrey Samuels
John and Kathi Schumann
Mike and Mary Schwartz
Adrian and Margaret Selby
Howard and Donna Smith
Matthew J. and Anne B. Smith
Pomeroy and Betty Smith
David and Heidi Sommers
Randy and Karen Sones
Anita Stafford
J. Spencer and Patricia Standish
Bill and Carolyn Stutt
Walter and Julianne Sullivan
J. Atwood and Lisa Taylor, III
Nancy B. Taylor
Frank and Judith Tolsdorf
Jim and Jane Truettner
Estate of Ronnie Lee Vansweringen
Camp Younts Foundation - The Harry W. Walker Family
Patrick and Carol Welsh
Kathleen H. Westby
Dick and Ginger Winkler