Fiscal Year 2021 Members

Builder's Guild

Fiscal Year 2020
July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of those who support the mission of Indian River Habitat. The following donors made significant gifts between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.

Every effort to ensure accuracy was taken when compiling donor lists included in this annual report. We apologize, in advance, for any errors or omissions. If your name is listed incorrectly, please contact Eve Kyomya Vendryes at 772.562.9860 ext. 209 so that we may update your record.

CONTRIBUTIONS OF $100,000 or more

Bob Samuels (Deceased)

CONTRIBUTIONS OF $50,000 or more

Patrick and Carol Welsh

CONTRIBUTIONS OF $25,000 or more

Shirley A. Becker

CONTRIBUTIONS OF $20,000 or more

Dr. Suzanne P. Murphy
Linda Van Name and David Mike
SPM Foundation

CONTRIBUTIONS OF $10,000 or more

Bill and Mary Ann Becker
Bucks Creek Foundation
Gillis and Lynn Green
Carl and Bert Herndon
Kendacar Foundation
In Memory of Frances L. Kendall
John T. and Polly La Duc
Kenneth and Mary Potter
C. Graydon Rogers
Mike and Mary Schwartz
Randy and Karen Sones
Nancy B. Taylor

CONTRIBUTIONS OF $5,000 or more

Acts 20:35 Fund
Timothy and Virginia Beaulac
Anthony and Joyce Caldarone
Carla Hahn
James and Dorothy Currie
Kevin and Martha Dunbar
Charles E. Garris
Thomas H. Hamilton Foundation
Bruce and Marcia Humphrey
Chris and Cheryl Johns
David and Mary Kelly
John and Anne Kelsey
Roy (Deceased) and Patsy Lambert
Bill and Joy Lane
Nancy Fette and John Larsen
Thomas and Wynne McGrew
Gary and Suzanne Oakley
Gary and Elizabeth Parker
Bronwyn R. Parlette
William and Peg Regan
Jack and Barbara Reis
Harold and Brenda Reiter
Richard E. Sameth
Adrian and Margaret Selby
David and Heidi Sommers
Gilford B. Walker

CONTRIBUTIONS OF $1,000 or more

James R. and Carrie Adams
Martin and Joan Alger
Harry and Pat Allex
Toby and Denny Arnheim
Michael J. Baker
Bob and Maureen Bauchman
Jeffrey and Cheryl Beam
James and Jennifer Beckwith
Richard and Susan Bergeman
Elizabeth Black
Andy and Sandy Bowler
Galen and Hathaway Brewster
Patricia O. Brinkerhoff
Bill and Laura Buck
Robert and Carole Cashill
Joseph and Joan Catapano
William and Maryann Christie
Rosalen Cline
Henry and Marjorie Collins
Thomas W. Cook
Gene and Jean Cravens
Jack and Mary Ellen Curley
Dr. Fredy and Olivia Delacruz
Christopher and Pam Delaney
Joseph and April Denny
Al and Carol De Renzo
Robert and Bonnie DeWaters
Rene and Alice Donars

Doug and Melanie Feek
Martha Fite
Steve and Reanette Frobouck
James W. and Marjorie R. Fulmer
James and Sharon Gardner
Bob and Janice Garrison
Beckie Gaskill
Sal and Anne Giordano
Timothy P. Girard
Bill Glavin
David and Julie Goodrich
Karin Gustine
Patricia Hamlin
Gifford Hampton
Edward Hauser
Dave Herbert
Chris and Martha Higgins
George and Marlene Higgs
Jim and Ann Hill
John and Patsy Howard
Joseph Hoyt
Peter and Essie Humphrey
Jean and Edd Hyde
Melissa Jessup
Larry and Ty Jones
Karen Katen and Robert E. Williams
Sally A. Kellogg
Robert and Margaret Kelly

Continued $1,000 or more

Dale and Kay Keyser
William King
Paul and Nancy Knapp
Jonathan and Daryle Knight
Louis and Adrienne Lower
Richard and Melissa Marcus
Frederick and Margaret Marino
George and Sheila Marshall
Jim Maxwell (Deceased)
Donald and Lynn McBeth
Peter and Jan McLachlan
John and Sherrill McMahon
Patrick and Dionne McNamee
Nicholas and Elizabeth Melnick
James A. Mitchell
Samuel and Gail Murdough
Carol Newman
Edward Ochylski
Steve and Linda O’Grady
Richard and Margot Oman
Mark Parent
Dave and Carol Pearson
The Phoenix Fund
Patricia Pierce
Eric and Doris Plym
Jim and Carolyn Preston
Morris and Marni Propp
Bob and Nancy Puff

Kathryn Raynor
Barry and Marsha Reardon
Don and Patsy Riefler
Bob and Gerri Ripp
John H. Roberts
Randy and Sandy Rolf
Dr. Ralph and Kati Rosato
Gene and Erika Ross
David and Robin Ryan
Roger and Krista Scoville
Dwight and Kim Seward
Susan Sheehan
Adrian and Kathryn Smith
Nigel and Margaret Smith
Thomas and Eileen Snowberger
David Stansfield and Linda Drake
Bill and Carolyn Stutt
James and Annmarie Suglia
Walter and Julianne Sullivan
Jeffrey and Beverly Surprenant
Jim and Sally Toffey
Judith Tolsdorf
Michael and Doreen Trucano
Ron and Rose Virgin
Craig and Patricia Walker
Alex and Shirley Weissenborn
Earl S. and Jeannette B. Wellschlager

Jeanne Westwater
Richard Whittaker and Dr. Margaret McCann
Bill and Suzanne Wilbur
G. P. and Susie Williams
Dick and Ginger Winkler
The Wonderful Company Foundation
Bob and Connie Wood


Anonymous (2)
1943 Franklin Street Fund
David E. and Jacqueline Adams
Albert J. and Constance Angelus
John and Denoe Ashby
Kit and Sue Barrow
Scott and Lynn Bayman
John and Sandra Beard
Marila M. Beatty
Bechtel Corporation
Rob and Cynthia J. Bennink
Rowene Bessey
Michael and Diana Bickford
Gene and Susan Billero
Dwight and Susan Blake
Ann J. Bowling
Edward and Lynne Bradstreet
Stanley Brashears
Richard and Margo Breffeilh
Martin and Isabel Brophy
James and Terry Byrnes
Kemp and Fritzi Byrnes
Joe Chiarella
Charlie and Caroline Clippert
Peter and Carol Collard
Norman and Lorena Cook
Dr. Ellis and Rev. Dr. Anna Copeland

Continued $500 or more

Helen Corroon
Phil and Carole Coviello
Anne Cuenod
Francine A. Devitt
Frank and Carol DiFazio
John and Toni Doggett
Terry and Shirley Donley
The SAD Foundation
Robert and Joan Eliot
Ken and Marty Enders
David and Barrie Fitzsimons
John and Linda Fix
Forrester Family Fund II
Ronald and Diana Garmey
Jo-Ellen Garner
Leonor De Gonzalez
John (deceased) and Bobbie Goodall
Peter and Sally Haeffner
Anne Hanna
Mike and Jan Harrell
Greg and Mary Hassell
Miriam Hayes
James and Chrissy Heyworth
Stephanie Hurtt
IBM Employee Services Center
Chet and Patricia Kaletkowski
Robert and Elizabeth Kenney
Thomas and Patricia Lauda
Tom and Joan Lewick
Mary Lewisy
Phillip Long
Gaye Ludwig
Bill and Susie MacDonald
John Magnier
C. S. and Kelly Mather
John McConnell, Jr.
Alexander and Freddie McFerran
Peter and Jan McLachlan
David and Tammy McLean
Steve and Darlene Merselis

Douglas Miller
Raymond and Lorna Mitchell
Bruce and Shelley Morrison
Warren Morse and Gail Farrish
Robert and Miriam Mugford
Rudy and Andrea Muller
Dick and Susan Muzzy
The Navesink Foundation
Walt and Katie Nelson
Stan and Lynn Orczyk
James Otness and Janet L.Donoghue
Frank and Melon Partel
Mark and Robbie Peirce
Gregory and Diane Peters
Bill and Phyllis Plowden
Ralph and Connie Poppell
Thomas and Cheryl Porter
Martha Propper
Michael and Anne Rhoads
Charles and Deborah Rose
Mary Ross
Bob and Peg Salmon
Marilyn Schlosser
Phillip and Barbara Schuler
Lois Schwartz
Harlan Slack
Juanita M. Smith
Dan and Karen Somes
Peter and Margery Sparks
Dorothy Sprague
William and Andrea Stanley
Harvey and Mary Struthers
Bradley and Deborah Tankoos
Thomas and Beth Tucker
Kyle and Ashley Waddell
John and MJ Wardell
Baltasar and Paula Weiss
Janice Woodbury