COVID-19 Updates

Volunteer Update! (as of 7/27/20)

Maintaining the safety of staff, volunteers, our Habitat families and community partners is an important priority at Indian River Habitat for Humanity. In a continuing effort to help minimize the spread of COVID-19, we are continuing to offer a limited number of volunteer opportunities at our build sites and the ReStore.

To reserve your spot on a build site, contact Imani Craig by phone at 772-562-9860 extension 214, or by email at

For ReStore opportunities, please contact Howard Lazar, ReStore Manager, at 772-562-9860 extension 213, or by email at

Indian River Habitat thanks you for your understanding and continued flexibility during this time.

The Front Porch, Episode 1

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Sheryl: Welcome to the front porch of a nearly completed, newly constructed Habitat home here in Indian River County, Florida.
It's quite bright and sunny and quite warm here, today. I wanted to thank you, as well as to provide a brief update of all that's going on around Indian River Habitat these days. It's great to connect with you somewhat in person today, instead of by mail or online. We've missed seeing you and welcoming you into our offices and into the Restore. We are very excited and we just wanted to wish you a Congratulations. You've made it halfway! We've heard from many of you these past couple of weeks and we're grateful for that, and I'm delighted to share that for those we've heard from, each of you have mentioned that you and your families are staying safe and healthy. We also want to thank you. You see, without your financial and volunteer support, there would be no front porch. There would be no new Habitat home. And so it's my privilege to thank you. Thank you donors and volunteers. Thank you, community leaders and homeowners. Thank you, business partners and homebuyers. We are staying busy and on schedule. So hopefully, we close on two homes, the end of this month and another home in May. In addition, we're preparing and looking forward to a full recovery. So, if we haven't heard from you, let us hear from you. If you have a need, please let us know how we can help you. In the meantime, we'll continue to keep you and your families in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you.

The Front Porch, Episode 2

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Sheryl: Welcome to another edition of the front porch!
We're joined this afternoon by Lacey and her daughter Keri. This morning, you signed the mortgage.
Lacey: Yes.
Sheryl: Wow.
Lacey: Very exciting.
Sheryl: So Lacey, when did you come into Indian River Habitat?
Lacey: I was approved April 26 of 2019, just over a year by a couple of days.
Sheryl: And over the course of the year, how would you say you've changed?
Lacey: Oh my gosh, I completely changed. I'm more self sufficient. I've learned a lot.
Sheryl: We've seen your confidence blossom.
Lacey: I owe it to you guys.
Sheryl: We are grateful at Indian River Habitat to have met you Lacey and your daughter, Keri to have partnered with you this past year. But we don't walk away today. This is the beginning.
Lacey: It's the beginning of my joy. I look around I'm like, this is my home.
Sheryl: That's right.
Lacey: This is our home.
Sheryl: We would be remiss if we didn't also say thank you to the Moorings community and their generosity.
Lacey: Definitely. And I just am blessed that I was able to work with them. Just so many things I'll never forget and I'm just completely blessed. I am, I’m so grateful.
Sheryl: You make what we do the reason why we do.
Lacey: We're better people because of you guys.
I'm gonna be living in a brand new nice home and that's more affordable than where I was living. There’s electric. So that's your bathroom. And my daughter watching her. It's fun right now because I see the excitement.
Sheryl: Wow, getting ready to go to college.
Lacey: I can see, she's so excited to go to college. So I'm, I’m proud of her.
Sheryl: Seeing her mom in her new home and being here with you for at least another year. That was a dream of hers too. And I remember her sharing that with me when we were together at the wall raising and now what we do know about Habitat home is one of the blessings is when you put a young person in a stable home environment, they really do thrive. Because this was a dream, she could always come back home. Right?
Lacey: Right.
Sheryl: But to go off and achieve yet another one of her dreams being post secondary education. At Habitat, we work hard. And I will tell you the Moorings also, is very passionate about our scholarship program, and awarding scholarships to our Habitat, homeowners as well as their dependents. We at Indian River Habitat could not be more blessed or honored to have joined you here this afternoon. And we wish you all the best we wish for you and your families to continue to stay safe and healthy during this difficult time and during this time of transition, as we look to move forward in a new day. And so thank you for joining us here on the front porch. God bless.